Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NU 12 (nos. 8-12) by Peaches

Hold on..... my bladder!
If I can only hold my bladder for a few more minutes... hours. Yes,  I would rather wait until I get home. What an iiikkeee feeling to use restrooms that are not clean, foul smelling  and not well maintained. Restrooms must be ideal places to rest. Therefore I would vividly view a restroom facility as one with at least one set of sofa;  minimum of 5 toilet rooms, toilet are pearl white in color, a ledge on the back to place my personal  belongings, a covered garbage can, 3 rolls of pluffy toilet papers, sanitary napkins  and disposable underwears  available for use  (napkins, toilet paper and disposable undies are  locked-in cabinets in which keys are available any time with the housekeeping lady). In addition, there are 5 lavatory areas which are equipped with automatic faucets with both warm and cold water. Either a hand dryer or paper towels are provided and covered garbage cans are visible. This may seem so simple to implement  yet difficult to maintain. The set up can be provided  with the use of not so expensive materials and needs of a restroom. The more important factor is the proper usage of the restroom.  Therefore one's behaviour and attitude is that which counts, an attitude of DISCIPLINE which has been taught to me, to us since we were young. Discipline in the restroom are the following:  First discipline is to  be in line and what pisses me off is, when I am in a queue to use the toilet room and suddenly a lady cuts accross  and overtakes  without even a word . Second, those who use toilets  shall make it a habit to flush one (anyway you are not to be charged for the water) and what pisses me off is to see the toilet bowl dirty.  Third discipline, that all garbage, esp. toilet papers are thrown in the garbage can and not on the floor and toilet. Toilet papers clog the system and this pisses me off .   An attitude of discipline may not alone be the soultion,  injecting new ideas  may help  create an atmosphere of a clean and properly maintained rest room.  A green and red light with accompanying buzzing sound, built-in in each toilet room will   be a reminder.  After use of the toilet room, if one has used the toilet room properly, the green light will flash and the door will unlock. Howeveer if the toilet room was not propertly used, the red light will flash and buzz and the door remains locked. Hence this is an assurance of a clean toilet room after use. Regarding the queue, when one over takes, a whistling sound will be heard to signal that one has to be in line. I am sure this will work and...... I dont have to hold my
bladder anymore!       NU 12 (11)  What pisses me off at a restroom?   -   peaches

"Next Counter please"/ "Close"
I am one person who  values my time most. Whenever I go out especially on Sundays or on any  day of the week wherein  I either go to shop or for grocery I make sure that I know what I want and need  to buy. I therefore  have a list with me of  these things so that no time is wasted. This  idea sounds perfect and ideal. However i have realized that I can not control time  and have it as I wish. Reason:  the  sight of the long queue to the cashier. People are seen often crowded at  two or three cashier areas  for the reason of the  "next counter please" / "close" notice on  a number  of cashier's  table tops.  I frown at this and as often, I could not help but ask and I always get the same answer, "na ka break po".  I have no choice but to wait for my turn!
While waiting in the queue I thought of restructuring the cashier area and implement a process that would faciliate payment of all goods, shops procured in any one time that I/one  would like to pay. I vividly imagine  that there will be 15-20 cashier areas that will accomodate the settlement of all items procured. These areas will not be manned but will only be provided by sensored tables with two swipe machines. All I have to do is place all my procured items on the sensored table wherein the total amount to be paid will be shown. I will now have a personalized  procurement card which will be swiped in the two machines, wherein the first swipe will reveal if my card is valid  and it's corressponding balance which if in order will automatically debit the said amount due. The second swipe will reveal the remaining balance. This way I can monitor my card. This system will not in a way need cashiers, cashiers who are  "na ka break po".  It will be convenient for all customers because all cashier areas will be working therefore lessen queueing and I don't have to bring cash. There will however be a bagger to assist customers in  placing    bought/shopped  items on the sensored table and  packing.  Oh what a relief because I can be sure to lessen my waiting time and therefore  make sure not to extend my hours in the shop and grocery.   I'll be home in time to cook deliciously, rest and give my family quality time.
NU 12 (08)  - what pisses me at shopping/grocery - peaches          

Radioooooooo..  Please lower the volume!
It is a strict policy in the village where I live that Sundays and Holidays are non working days for constructing houses for the obvious reason that homeowners stay in their houses. It is that these days are considered real rest days and what a good feeling to stay in bed for another hour or two without hurrying to dress for clinic and prepare the children for school. A nice day to experience the deafening silence in the wilderness of my home away from the busy metro.  However because of a house being constructed in the neigborhood, right infront of our house,  the carpenter who watches the house seems not to care at all as he listens to his radio in rock music at full volume. Oh what a Sunday!
 Yes,  one ring to the security can stop that music. It is their responsibility to call the attention and warn  whoever takes care of the house but that ring to the security will mean I have to get up from bed.
I may sound cranky and selfish depriving care takers of houses under construction in the village of something that may keep them company , their radios. That is not my point, I understand their situation. The only concern is to lower the volume!
It may sound simple and easy but warnings come and go. I seem tempted at times to go straight to the care taker to ask them to shut up the radio but I still can hold on to my patience and a bit of kindness. But two, three or four times pissed me off!
Solution:  May I suggest that all houses under construction will be provided radios by the homeowners association. These are special radios which will only function with the use of an earphone hence such radios are non functional without earphones! Great Idea!  Soundless!  Volumeless! Now I can sleep soundly ...... "ZZZ-zzz-ZZzzz" .......  to my heart's delight and can't wait for Sundays and Holidays!
NU 12 (10)  What pisses me off at the neighborhood? - peaches

Beeepp  Beepp.... No more!
I was in the province when at age  16 I had my first driving lessons, I use to tell my father that once I learned how to drive, I will drive for him. I was excited too and looked forward to the day when I can drive by myself.   At age 24 after my Med proper,  I resumed  and practiced my driving skills and with all confidence and determination, I  successfully learned how to drive. I finally got my driver's license.
I realized the advantages of knowing how to drive esp. when I started my practice as an Obstetrician Gynecologist beacause I have to go to 4 clinics in a row a day, I have to deliver and operate on my
patients in different hospitals and make daily rounds too. When I had  my children, I can  bring them to school and to their regular pedia check up. Well, all these I can perform and have to honestly say that this was when I was younger. As years went on, I realized the risk and stress of driving. Well not that my reflexes had waned but  I have observed the increase in volume of cars, jeepneys, buses, trucks, even pedicabs, tricycles, motorcycles, bicycles  and a lot more. At the same time the population of pedestrians has  also increased in number.  I am aware that this volume both in the number of vehicles and pedestrians are  uncontrollable. I even don't know if the number coding helps?  I am really pissed off  with the increase in volume of vehicles because each one vehicle wants to go first hence  different vehicles go anywhere, cut, overtake, stop,  in different directions. Pedestrians too are observed to be almost on the road and the funny thing  is I have to try to avoid them...  Beeeppp.. Beeepppp..  and not  them to try to avoid me. Well, as we say, ONLY in the Philippines!  But Am I hopeless?  Can this ever be resolved?  Strict Discipline? It doesn't only work that way.  My new Idea,  what if  sensored lanes/road are created wherein each vehicle and pedestrian is suppose to stay only in their  designated lanes. What happen if they don't?  There will be some kind of vehicle and human  electrocution but it will be  harmless .  They are  stuck there for a while and this will have  corressponding cash  penalty which they have to deposit in a built-in device anywhere in the road. Only after they deposit said amount, will they be able  to move their vehicle and themselves. Seems this will require a different technology but possible in due time..... and no... Beeeepp...Beepppp will ever  be heard!
NU 12 (12)  what pisses me on the road?  - peaches         

 Skyway... tollway...highway....
I am aware that sky ways were made to shorten my travel time and probably travel in a highway with not much cars, i mean no traffic in a way that I can have my own lane. The actual travel time from alabang to magallanes takes only about 12 minutes compared to approximately 20-30 minutes when I use the SLEX. One way costs Php 164.00 which is the main reason why the sky way is not chosen. Personally I choose this way for the main reason that I don't get stressed  (driving nor for my driver) and believing that chances of getting involve in an accident will be less. My gasoline too will take a long way.
Satisfied with the first year of using the skyway, lately I noticed an extended travel time. Reason: The toll booths which are supposed to handle cash payments are taking time before vehicles are allowed to go /enter the skyway for some reasons. I then decided to provide my car with an Electronic-pass (E-pass) obviously  for the purpose of using the epass lane wherein I dont have to pay in cash but use a sensor that would automatically allow the car to pass. However it does not happen that way because of the toll barrier  which initially blocks the way for E-passers and will only let go of vehicles after the sensor made sure that vehicles E-pass's is valid. Therefore it takes a while to enter the sky way. Worse is when E-passeres forget to load their E-pass.
It really had made a great difference that we had the sky way but I suggest that all vehicles who use this way are given the worth of their money. I gave the following a thought:
* For E-passers, there will be an  Epass lane entry which will be highly sensored to allow only valid Epass holders. The sensor in each vehicle will then reflect the amount deducted  and corresponding balance after use of the Epass lane. Therefore there will not be any toll barrier  hence will allow a smooth and continous flow to the sky way. Definitely this process will shorten the travel and make one rersponsible in maintaining a valid E-pass because invalid E-pass's will be penalized . (Php 5000.00) This lane will not even need to be manned.
* For those who pay in CASH, it will be a responsibility to ONLY PAY exact amount. This will be a "PAY ONLY EXACT AMOUNT LANE".  Again there will be a penalty for disobedience.
I beleive that this process when implemented will entail discipline and responsibility to all drivers and  vehicle owners.  It will indeed  allow us to travel smooth, stress free and accident free.........    and never be pissed  off at any sky way, highway, toll way.
NU 12 (09) Pissed off at skyway, tollway, highway .....peaches