Thursday, May 23, 2013

NU12 Campus Queen - iMenu

by Campus Queen

Sometimes, when you go to restaurants, even in the fancy ones, your orders get mixed up.One order becomes two or the three orders become one or two. Other times, you are waiting for that particular order for almost an hour-- only to find out it was not placed in the kitchen! There are also times that waiters are not responsive enough to get your orders right away.

Why not provide an iPad or any tablet containing all the menu provided in the restaurant?This gadget is specific for a particular table. All you have to do is to tick a particular order in the menu, and put how many orders of that dish you want; you can also change it if you like. At the end of the orders, you will be asked again to review what you ticked and you need to confirm before you submit.The total amount will also appear on the screen. Once the submit button is sent, this will be then transmitted to the kitchen and the orders will be done right away. A timer will appear in the tablet to make sure that the order will come on time.< saw this in Seoul> 3