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Diverse experiences drive innovation

From: SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs
Date: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 11:12 PM
Subject: Diverse experiences drive innovation

Media company attracts readers by publishing overlooked news | Advice from 5 leaders on not being a control freak | SEC gives startups another option for online fundraising
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March 29, 2013
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SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs

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Media company attracts readers by publishing overlooked news
A fast-growing media startup known as Upworthy digs up content that readers initially ignored and repackages it for consumption. This focus on publishing overlooked content has paid off for the startup; it recorded 10.4 million unique visitors last month and recently brought in $4 million in investment. Business Insider (3/27)
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Advice from 5 leaders on not being a control freak
Micromanaging every project is obviously a negative, but there are many ways to change your approach, writes Heather R. Huhman, who asks five leaders to offer advice. "By nitpicking every step of a project, you'll not only drive your employees a bit crazy, but you'll cause yourself more stress in the process," she writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (3/27)
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The SMB of the Future: Start Fast, Then Accelerate
SMBs now have the opportunity to leverage cloud-based solutions to manage key business processes, reduce their costs, and improve their productivity while gaining better control and visibility over their cash. The end result is better results and faster growth. Get the facts with this free white paper.

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SEC gives startups another option for online fundraising
While the details of the JOBS Act have yet to be finalized, the Securities and Exchange Commission has opened another avenue for startups to raise funds over the Internet. The SEC declined to pursue enforcement action against a company called FundersClub, which gives startups a platform for finding accredited investors on the Internet. There were initially questions about the legality of FundersClub's business model because it is not a registered broker-dealer. TechCrunch (3/28)
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Pitfalls of do-it-yourself public relations
Cultivating relationships with the media and getting positive media coverage for your startup can be time-consuming, so you might want to work with a PR firm instead of trying to handle the work yourself, Meg O'Leary writes. Public relations professionals are experts at expanding the size of your audience and ensuring your company gets noticed by the media. "Creating and finding ongoing story angles worthy of coverage is where a good PR agency shines," she writes. BostInno (Boston) (3/28)
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What can the cloud do for your construction company?
Find out how the cloud lets you work and store information online, so you can access your project files anywhere you have an internet connection. Download the Guide to the Cloud for Construction to learn more.

The Whole Entrepreneur

Program helps New York City entrepreneurs make connections
The NYC Venture Fellows Program helps entrepreneurs that are past the initial stages continue their startups' growth by providing them with access to well-connected mentors. Funding isn't necessarily part of the deal, but participating in the program might help entrepreneurs to find interested investors. The maximum size of the program is about 30 fellows, according to Sri Swaminathan, who is with the city's Economic Development Corporation. Entrepreneur online (3/28)
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Ideas for Innovators

Diverse experiences drive innovation
Our brains naturally look for patterns in the world around us, according to Janet Crawford, principal of Cascadance who is working to apply neuroscience to business performance. That's often a good thing, but sometimes these patterns are a poor fit for current circumstances. To develop innovative ways of thinking, it's important to seek out "diverse people, activities and experience to provide the raw materials for serendipitous insight," she says. Forbes (3/28)
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Fortune from Failure

How to innovate like Obi-Wan Kenobi
Would-be innovators should take their cues from "Star Wars" guru Obi-Wan Kenobi, writes Diego Rodriguez. That means learning to embrace failure, to go with the flow, and to seize opportunities fearlessly and instinctively. "When you stop worrying about the outcome, you let go of the fear of ultimate, soul-crushing failure, which in turn allows you to focus on the here and now," Rodriguez writes. Metacool blog (3/27)
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[W]e're the only species designed to imagine a future that doesn't exist today and to coordinate action with other human beings to make our visions reality."
-- Janet Crawford, principal of Cascadance, as quoted at Forbes.
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