Thursday, April 4, 2013

NU 12 by Cebpac MBAH - What pisses you off at the school?

NU 11 - What pisses me off at the school?
      .                  By: CEBPAC

Having class session in the morning and one in the afternoon will surely drift me  off to sleep.  Coffee is needed to perk me up or to make me alert.  At AGSB, one can procure a cup of coffee from the canteen located at the ground floor or from a vending machine at the  3rd floor. Class sessions for MBAH are at the 2nd floor and you have to go to these floors to get a cup of coffee.

It pisses me off when I have to go to these floors to get a cup of coffee and sometimes you cant avoid-spilling the liquid while walking back to the classroom. It's not only coffee that the students need during class but water, juice or sodas are also in demand.

What must be done at the school?
A vending machine in each floor will be provided for coffee for easy accessibility for students.  Another vending machine for water, juices, sodas, chips is another suggestion so that students can have choices. AGSB has provided vending machine in every rest room with tissue, sanitary napkins, etc, , why can't they provide other vending machines for food stuffs in each floor?

                                  By : CEBPAC
I'm very particular with cleanliness in my office and even at home.  I have a white tile flooring in my office and any dirt can easily be seen.  What pisses me off  is to see strands of hair in the floor. Simple sweeping can't  clean this up and it needs picking it.  It's a strenuous work and time consuming picking up hairs  from the floor.

What I'm thinking to do is to develop a stick with sticking pad in one end.  The janitor will just walk around holding the stick and upon seeing those hairs, will just touch  it with sticked pad.  It will surely make the cleaning so easy and will make the office hair free.