Sunday, December 18, 2011

Conversation with Prof Terence of Opeman

The Ateneo Graduate School of Business Advantage

During the AGSB lunch Christmas Party, I sat down with the newest faculty of AGSB, Prof Terence teaching at Opeman cluster.  I learned that he works with the company of Prof Ante, selling all kinds of medical equipment. I said the good contacts would be MBAH students/graduates who own hospitals or are admininstrators.

We talked about our health;  we are  both diabetics.  We agreed that dieting and exercise would be best antidote.  Do you have to stop eating other food?  No.  Just graze.  Eat a lot of things but small amounts only.  Be on guard of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

I also learned that he worked with Seagate (hard disk manufacturer)  I also learned that if you are to study business cycle - start growth and decline of business/products, the best place to study this is in memory business.  In the same way that when you study living things, you study fruit flies.

His specialty is Supply Chain Management.  We agreed that the SCM in Phil was enabled by the Nautical Highway.

"New ideas create more and better new products and services; create more wealth."