Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nu 6- by EPH, Various New Ideas, LPC Regis

What is the AGSB advantage?

1. Create an interior design lay out for real estate/furniture/home  4
accents/ showroom for a minimal fee.
2. Create a Website or blog for outstanding Philippine Interior  3
Designs with outstanding products or resources used. Evaluator should
be by a well known endorser or celebrity e.g. Daphne Osena-Paez. Get
sponsorships fee.
3. Create a twist on cotton candy business. Add new flavor (e.g. 4
organic, lemon,pina colada etc)and enhance a more luxe look of the
cart for Corporate Events etc. Create a more affordable yet classy
rental package
4. Form a team to market baby's necessities (e.g. from custom design 3
diaper,dresses, shoes, hair clip accessories, mom and baby shirt, dad
and mom shirt , other personalize stuff etc ) that would be endorsed
to Pinoy celebs and eventually add value to the products.
5. Form a team to market Class A Finishing Materials from Roof,
Ceiling,Tiles, Wallpaper, Paint, Window and Door System , Furnitures
and other finishing materials.

Wow so many 1