Monday, December 12, 2011

New Product Design by LPC Reg

An Ateneo Graduate School of Business Advantage

The groups were tasked this week to come up with product design and prototype, as part of the goal of creativity activities, that are tools of entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are those, according to Dr. Morato, who come up with new ideas and products.  Other entrep guru like George Gilder says, entreps are those who make the world forever new, and do it  by taking aggressive action.

Group l came with Healthy Whey (good name, part of good product design, having a good name).  Group 2 came up with a powdered margarita concoction.  The nice thing about this that the R & D Manager of GSM who is the part of the group, let us in the corporate or the GSM way of  R & D product development,.  It is a new learning.  He gave example of the typical big company new product development.

I would like to think that for the R & D manager. he can develop similar line of products for GSM (the company) or go on his own with such products.  Some of the pictures:

                             The various margarita formulations

                        The measuring device, flasks from the R & D lab

        The various samples and score sheet for taste and odor test

                    The alak men -  the wine testers/tasters

                            Group I with their Healthy Whey

Group Case Analysis of MC2

Which group would have the most number of new business opportunity options?  Group 2 did it well and had 20 options.  Group 1 went by way of intermediate steps.