Monday, December 19, 2011

Gallery of Christmas Lights and Decor Seen this Christmas 2011

The Ateneo Graduate School of Business Advantage

After going around last night prior to the Simbang Gabi for Class 72 at Church of Gesu, I saw a lot of Christmas lights and decor that are worth remembering and archiving.  I think some of them are equal or better than those seen abroad.  They bring joy and the spirit of Christmas to everyone.  Inspiring too.  Here are some of them (in case you hate the traffic and hate going around)

                                         At the UP School of Economics

                                          UP Aglipay Church

                                           UP Hotel

                                          UP Chapel

                                         Even UP Infirmary is Aglow

                             Christmas Lights and Decor at UP Bahay ng Alumni

      Lights at Bahay ng Alumni

                                          Abelardo Hall Night Views

                                          Sparklers from a box

                                          Lights at Bahay ng Alumni

                                        Nice Decor at Ceiling of Chocolate Kiss

                                         Loob ng Bahay ng alumni

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