Thursday, December 15, 2011

NU6 by ALT, Waterproofing Barcodes of Fresh Produce, STR Reg

The Unreadable Barcode
Nowadays, mall supermarkets are very competitive when it comes to their fresh section. Gone are the days when meat, fish, poultry and vegetables are not as fresh as their ordinary public wet market counterparts. Prices at the supermarkets and supermarket malls are now almost the same as outside especially if the brands they carry are their own house brands.
I am one of those who benefit from the convenience of shopping for fresh items in an air-conditioned and clean area, and could dine and recreate with my family after. But there is this one thing that pisses me off when buying fresh produce in the supermarket malls: the unreadable barcode!!!
I am a busy person and time is very important. Fast and agile service is what I always look for in a particular establishment.  In supermarket malls, fresh produced are either pre-weighed or you can choose and have it weighed by the crews there. A barcode is placed on each weighed product bearing the price/kg, actual weight and actual price. When already at the counter to have my items calculated, most of the barcodes that are not readable by the scanner came from the fresh produce. The cashier will then input the barcode numbers one by one and this is of course slows down the calculating process. I've noticed that the missed readings are rampant on wet items such as fresh meat (poultry, pork, beef and fish). There are also noted missed barcode readings in vegetables, though not that wet compared to meat, but still moisture from the vegetables is affecting the barcode reading efficiency.
To address this issue, the paper used for printing barcode stickers should be waterproof. I believe this is the one that is causing the missed readings. Paper companies may develop a smudge free and waterproof paper for barcode stickers.3