Monday, November 7, 2011

NU6 What Pisses Me Off at AGSB

 What pisses me off at AGSB?

Piss is a very strong word, I should say the following are some rooms of improvement which AGSB can consider in order to give better service to its customers – the students and the faculty as well.

·         Enrollment  -  AGSB only accepts one kind of BPI credit card. I think it is about time that AGSB allows other credit cards so that payment can be done online by most students. All online transactions that I know of already accept any visa or mastercard. 

There were times when I had to go to campus just to pay for my tuition fee.  One time I did not bring cash with me. It was already late in the afternoon because I came from the office. Knowing that there is a BPI ATM near the cafeteria (only ATM in the building) I used it but unfortunately, it did not accept my ATM card so I have to go to the next building to withdraw.  I had to walk fast and run in order to return before the cashier closes which I luckily did.

·         Putting on school ID at all times– There was a time when I forgot to bring my ID with me since I was just going to enroll. When I was on the campus entrance, I was told that I have to pay P200 to the cashier.  I asked the guard to accept my other ID since I only need 30 minutes to enroll.  But he still insisted.

So I went to the other entrance, leave my other official ID and told the guard that I need to go to the registrar. So he let me in. <tsk tsk.  We live in stone age?  Even profs are asked to show id>

If safety issues is the reason why students has to use their IDs at all times, why then that a lot of students are not wearing their IDs in class? One classmate of mine told me that she borrowed the ID lace of her friend with AGSB label and then she was able to enter the campus without her ID. 

A better way to make sure that students entering the premises are real students is to use a computerized system where students can just tap in their fingerprints which the system can verify, before entering the school premises.

·         Cafeteria – The canteen has limited choices and most of the times they are not visually appetizing. In most cases I just have to buy junk foods just to fill my stomach. Yes there are other kiosks like Wendy's and the fruit shake but their food choices are very few as well and are not satisfying one's taste. These stores should at least improve their menus where food choices can be varied. Or better yet the AGSB can invite other food vendors so that there will be more competition and the existing stores can improve their food menus. I love siomai so a siomai booth would be a good idea. 

·         Teaching Aids – Since we are paying good amount of money for our tuition, and fees are increasing every year, maybe AGSB can also upgrade their teaching equipment. Instead of the old computer – LCD projector screen type, the school can use smart boards so that students can just listen and not bother copying notes since teachers' notes can already be saved in the computer. And there is no need for the whiteboard pen with its chemically unpleasant smell.

·         Upgrading Teachers – I observed that most teachers in AGSB have MBA degrees but were not able to pursue their PhD. Maybe AGSB can also give incentives to their faculty members who are taking their Doctoral degree such as scholarship grants so that the professors will have the motivation to study further. Or the school can give continuing education or seminars that can upgrade the knowledge of their professors in a certain subject matter.<there are doctorate scholarship but it is good for 50 and below so most of us will not qualify.  Dont worry, they are retiring old dogs who are 60+>

Although it is good that AGSB also upgrades their books to the latest edition, it is noticeable that some teachers would use their old teaching materials in class. I have observed few professors that use old exams where test papers are almost decomposing. It would be better if professors can also give the latest examples and trends in class. < I do not want to use their old syllabus>

·         Corporate Social Responsibility – I commend AGSB for their Mulat Diwa Program where they conduct feeding programs for elementary school children. As a learning institution, AGSB can also teach values formation to these children where schools are not able to do. Or they can teach simple entrepreneurship to these children. These children will least likely have an opportunity to go to good schools since they cannot afford to.

As a side comment, it is about time that our country would also focus on building entrepreneurship even in children. It would be nice if Entrepreneurship subject would be incorporated in the curriculum as early as grade school (basic), high school (intermediate) and in college (advance).  We need to build entrepreneurs. This is the best way that our country can move forward to become economically stable.

·         Entrepreneurship as part of the Curriculum - Yes there is a separate course for Entrepreneurship in AGSB but it is very expensive which only a few can afford. The MBA students are taught to become executives but not to become entrepreneurs.  Of all the subjects that I have enrolled into in this MBA class, this entrepreneurship subject is the one that I value the most because it drives me to think and become innovative. It inspires me to become an entrepreneur. Before the start of the class I thought this would be time consuming and a heavy subject because it has a lot of requirements but I am enjoying it now. I don't see the assignments as a burden but an opportunity to learn. And finishing an article of this NU6 gives me joy because this is the only venue where I am forced to share what's running on my mind that I myself did not pay attention to in the past. I used to always keep my thoughts to myself and afraid to take a risk but now I am excited to execute the business that I have always dreamed about.

Maybe it is about time that the AGSB management would think of including the Entrepreneurship subject to the curriculum instead of just having it as an elective so that it will force students to learn from it. Who knows this simple subject will drive even just 10 or 20 percent of the class to become entrepreneurs themselves. I see that most if not all the students have the resources, the knowledge and skills, they just don't know how to use it or they just don't have the drive to become entrepreneurs.

These are rooms for improvement that would make the facility and services better and at par with the increasing students' expectation of excellence.  Still, overall I am very thankful for the good education that I have from AGSB.  I acknowledge the wisdom and know-how that I gained from the institution which I believe would make me become a better leader and hopefully a successful entrepreneur in the near future.