Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Simple Innovation Could Earn/Save You a Bundle

"Innovate or DIE"

On a personal level, I have seen how some innovations helped me save a lot of money:

l.  The cable of a brush cutter costs hundreds to replace from spare parts store of the company carrying the brand.  But it could be replaced with a bike cable costing only Pl5.00.

2.  I replaced an accelerator cable of e30 BMW costing P700.00 with a Pl5.00 bike cable.

3.  I saved myself the burden of disassembly and lube bike post, head set, and bottom bracket by wrapping the area that are rain prone with velcro wrap arounds.

4.  A BMW alternator failed.  The casa wanted a complete replacement costing P25,000.  I had the alternator repairman replace the stuck bearing with P700.00 bearing and P300.00 labor for him.

5.  A hard to find alternator for Range Rover was replaced with a Toshiba Japanese alternator.  Same function, different brand.

6.  The lug nut of Land Range Rover costs maybe P400.00@.  But an Isuzu truck lug nut costs P70.00.  What a savings!!

7.  Again for BMW, a plastic radiator costs P25,000.00.  But you can fabricate a copper radiator from a discarded Isuzu elf radiator by turning it sideways.  Costs:  junk radiator P3t;  labor Plt.  Still a lot of savings,. 

If you go for the original, you spend a fortune.  Learn to be frugal.  Necessity is the mother of innovation/invention.

Yesterday, I had interior of the bike patched up.  I saw that vulcanizing man had a great way of vulcanizing the wheels of the motorcycles;  they do not remove the wheel assemblies from the motorbikes.  They remove the outer and the interior right in the bikes;  bring the  leak tester and the vulcanizing heater right next to the motorbike.  It saves a lot of time in removal of hubs from the motorbikes and makes the vulcanizer  do his work faster and  earn more.  How ingenious!!

"New ideas create more and better new products and services; create more wealth."