Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nu6 by JC - Solution to Double Parking

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Double Parking
By: JC
I live in a baranggay very near to Makati Central Business District.  The upside is that we are near the fire stations, police stations and hospitals.  However our location is also strategic such that the storage houses of restaurants are also conveniently located here.  Right beside where I live is the warehouse of one popular restaurant in Metro Manila.  Aside from their fine dining restaurants located in the malls, this food business also caters during weddings and birthdays.  Our resto neighbor has 3 big trucks which transports tents, tables and chairs for large catering contracts, they have 3 smaller trucks for food delivery to their restaurants and 5 motorcycles which I assume serves as runners for urgent restaurant needs.  All these trucks and motorcycles then park in our street because thir warehouse parking space is only enough for one truck. 
These parked trucks and motorcycles obviously create severe street congestion inside our baranggay.  The traffic annoys the car drivers passing our street, and this often makes them honk their horns mercilessly keeping me awake all night.  In order to solve this recurring noise barrage in our street at night, I suggest that the restaurant stops parking their trucks on both side of our street.  Every time I hear the horns of the car outside, I force my self to think of the solution that I can present to our neighbor-owner.  My goal is to create a solution that will minimize his investment and is very simple to implement.  I have came up with solutions such as parking on the street near the church in our baranggay.  But I know he wont allow it since it would be too far and his security guard can no longer watch over his trucks.
Here is the best solution I have thought of.  We are given 3 big trucks, 3 small trucks, 5 motorcycles, one parking for big truck and a two-lane street.  I will now assume that the owner of the restaurant does not want to lease an extra parking space.  So, my suggestion is to utilize his own trucks as his parking space.
Since we are only left with 3 big trucks to think about, 1 truck will go to the garage and only the remaining 2 will be parked on our streets.  I know that it is illegal to park in the streets in the first place.  But since it appears that the restaurant has the backing of the baranggay and nobody bothered them for 10 years,  minimizing the nuisance these trucks are making in our Baranggay will be more than welcome.  I have made some visual estimate of the car sizes and I know my solution will work.  This proposal is very simple, workable and will employ very minimal investment from the restaurant owner.  I am planning to talk to the owner about this in a very casual way.  I hope I'll see him soon. 4