Friday, January 13, 2012

Juan (On, One) Time Campaign of DOST; Other Civil Servants are on Tem(Ten)

The Ateneo Graduate School of Business Advantage

I am becoming a friend and follower of DOST.  Maybe, because of their effort to promote entrepreneurship, and being associated first hand with their NCR Assistant Regional Director, RBF (who will soon be in NZ on a scholarship?)

They are tying up with restos (who deliver) to promote on time mentality:  One (Juan), On Time Mentality.  They also possess atomic clocks to let people know accurate time.

Congratulations to DOST to be a leader not only in technology, health, science, but also correct habits and paradigm.

Keep it up Mr. DOST Secretary. May your tribe increase.  (Other civil servants are "on ten, on tem" ie they come on time at ten.... Hahaha////////1

"New ideas create more and better new products and services; create more wealth."