Friday, January 13, 2012

Process Improvement for A Diagnostic Center of Engr. Garcia

The Ateneo Graduate School of Business Advantage

 The Business Process Improvement Group Presentation  last Tuesday by the group of Engr Garcia on Diagnostic Clinic was interesting.

The bottleneck for the process was pinpointed to be the absence of a regular pathologist. And that the turn around time was  3 hours +

However, my exposure to medical technology in teaching entrepreneurship  in MBA in Health (I learned a lot from the students too) allowed me to make interesting suggestion.

l.  There is a way to beat the absence of a dedicated pathologist.  The lab results could be emailed to him or linked to him electronically;  he does not have to be physically present to do the analysis;

2.  For the turn around time, a noted pathologist in Calabarzon who runs a hospital and diagnostic centers made 1 hour the turn around time to get the huge business from hospitals and in  a rush prospective employees.  He automated.

And he did not have to spend huge cap ex with this process improvement.  He partnered with reagent suppliers who would just be glad to enter in this arrangement, so that they can capture the clinicss reagent requirements.

Thinking creatively and out of the box can do wonders to increase the business.

"New ideas create more and better new products and services; create more wealth."