Thursday, October 13, 2011

2nd Nu6 Paper by AC- Practical Vending Machine Ideas

2nd Nu6 Paper by R100027 - Practical Vending Machine Ideas

Weird vending machines have spurted out all over the world. Vending machines that dispense marijuana, gold, bikes, luxury cars, lobsters, and bugs are but some of the items enumerated by I New Idea as part of the weirdest innovations/uses of vending machines. But why not come up with something more practical?

1. Healthy Vending Machine - Wouldn't it be great to have a vending machine for healthy food? Now that consumers have become more health-conscious, readily-available fresh food options - ready-to-eat salad, chilled pasta, cereal/bran with milk, dried fruits with cheese and crackers, yoghurt, etc. - can definitely come in handy especially at offices and schools/universities. Chilled vending machines - the same type they use for Coca-Cola products - can probably be enhanced and made more suitable for fresh foods, keeping to mind proper storage, quality, and long-lasting freshness of products.
2. Ice Cream Vending Machine - Given that Philippines is a tropical country, ice cream is an indispensable part of Filipinos' lives - children and adults alike. So why not make ice cream readily accessible via Vending Machines? Nestle, for one, is already partners with Philippine Vending Corporation, but mostly for just coffee and drinks. The company can probably deepen the relationship and extend the coverage to ice cream so we can all have Nestle Drumstick, Pops, Temptations and the like in office pantries, malls, even MRT terminals.
3. Hot and Ready-to-Eat Food Vending Machine - Given today's fast-paced and busy lifestyle, people have started sacrificing hot meals for junk food. Especially in offices and universities where people are busy and preoccupied with deadlines, individuals are more inclined to grab something to eat from vending machines. So why not combine the convenience of vendos with the goodness of hot meals? Ready-to-eat hot pockets, dinner rolls, and pasta can be stored frozen inside the vending machine which then heats up food in a separate compartment prior to making it available to the consumer. The same mechanism within vendos used for heating up coffee can probably be utilized but enhanced for more suitability.
4. Movie Tickets / Ticketing Vending Machine - Similar to the self-service machine being utilized for issuance of flight boarding passes, the likes of Ayala / SM malls can probably invest on movie ticketing kiosks to allow movie patrons to conveniently reserve, purchase, and retrieve tickets on their own without going to the box office. Other functionalities to consider are: 1. wiring ticketing kiosks to allow consumers to buy movie tickets from any mall location to watch at any other mall location, 2. wiring ticketing kiosks to allow consumers to access, retrieve, and print-out tickets reserved online, 3. collaborating with Ticketnet and other cinema establishments to offer consumers with a wider range of ticketing options.
5. Credit Card enhancement on Vending Machines - With all the ideas fore-mentioned, it seems but fitting that vending machines now be enhanced with credit card functionality. Especially now that more and more transactions are becoming cash-less, it's just matter of time before people start forgoing loose change. The convenience offered by vending machines can also be amplified now that individuals need not look for bills and coins 'acceptable' by the machine. 4