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NU6 Individual Papers] by SRCC RO90115



Regional Human Resources Manager 
Manpower for Advertising Services Agency Inc. / Max 1 Activation Inc.

Question:  "New Spending Habits / Routine?" 
Answer: Before I start this paper, let me first start by asking why do people needs to spend? What is the main essence of buying something? Basically, Spending is buying or hiring of goods or services. It is one way or another to shell out money in exchange of something that you will use or consume. In the world today, with the era of capitalism, consumers always spends in such a way that an Individual do not really know the reason why do they spend money either that would be for personal or any other uses like for Business and to name a few.

Like for an example, if you have 10 million pesos right now in your bank account, how will you be able to spend it? Every time we shell out money, what usually happens is that we do not really know where to put our money on, what thing or what have you. What matters most in spending money is that you need to get the most out of it. In Filipino, what they usually call it is "Sulit". It is not just about the savings that you will get from the thing that you bought, but more of the reason of buying it. On top of the Sulit value, what matters next is the service or features that it could return to you after purchasing "It." SOMETIMES, if a price of the "It" is high, you will get more features and services because it is much expensive. But on the other hand, if the price of the need or commodity is cheap or affordable, in general, you will only get the basic services out of it.  The Purchasing power has always been in the forefront of the consumer. For an example, if consumer A has more money than consumer B, basically, Consumer A has more purchasing power and could SPEND MORE than consumer B. Consumer A will get more services out of the purchase he or she made.

Second, I believe that we should not always spend in non-essential things.  One of the suggested recommended Spending Habits that I recommend is that, each consumer should be able to think twice if he or she is sure about the purchase he or she is about to make.  Let us remember that every time we are going to make decisions and we finally choose that decision, we cannot go back.
Third, the consumer should be able to understand the benefits of the goods and services they could it give to you. There should be a Return in Investment (ROI) from the spending that you have made. Other consumers on the other hand do not want to Spend because they want to save money. When you purchase or spend something, usually in most cases, it is brand new. Having new things simply means change. And change is inevitable. Therefore, it is INEVITABLE for someone to have NEW thing with him or her. It is impossible for someone to have something NEW if He or She is not going to purchase, not unless you still "THAT" from someone. It simply means that it is already part of our Human Nature.

            Now, the next question is, "how could we be able to change the way we spend in our day to day lives?". For one Consumer to continuously spend in the right manner, the consumer should learn a different type of Habitual Spending Routine. It is not just about "Nakasanayan na", it's all about adjusting and setting some discipline to you per se. For one person like me to do that, one should be able to set priorities to him/herself. One person should take this a challenge and move forward. As much as possible, he should be able to change the habits he was used to be for a productive and progressive result of change. This just not applies in spending money but also in some vital aspects of our day-to-day lives most importantly in making decisions. 

                    Entering in the World of Business is a very good option today since People is into the habit of Spending. Being an Entrepreneur could be a good way to earn money since people wants to spend either that would be in the right or wrong manner. As long as money is involved in the system, Business Oppurtunity will always be there, either that would be a SME or a Large Scale Business. 

Question:  "Professionalism - New Work, Methods, Practices?"
Answer:  Professionalism has always been one of the most important aspects of every employee in any organization in the corporate world. Before I discuss the new work, methods or even practices in promoting the sense of professionalism, allow me first to discuss the definition of professionalism. Basically, professionalism means "A Specific Style of Behavior of the employees in the workplace.  It is also interchangeably used in values and professional roles of an individual (Retrieved October 11, 2011 from" Being a professional is simply a very challenging task to do. An individual could become professional if he or she has the following traits that would make him a Professional Person. A Professional person should be trustworthy, competent, respectful, and considerate and knows how to act with integrity. A Professional person should also be courteous, dependable with the problems that could arise or happen, cooperative and is committed to his work.
It has been said that there are several traits that a professional person should have, but the question is, "how will the self assuming person considered a professional person with all the traits he should have so that he will be considered as a professional person. Acting as a professional person does not start with the group of person you are with, or just because someone told you to act professionally. Having a sense of professionalism will start within me and me alone. No one will dictate that I need to act like this or say like this. Some of the characteristics that a Person is showing a sense of professionalism are as follows: 1st, he should be able to respect himself and others. 2nd, A person should "Mature responsibility." And 3rd, He should have the will and intellect to solve problems.  A Professional person also knows how to make important decisions in the organization. These are decisions that could change the entire game of the organization. HAVING a sense of professionalism knows for a fact that in making decisions, this does not concerns him alone but also other people as well since A professional person has to be considered as an effectual and effective leader.
On the other hand, a professional person should also be knowledgeable how to identify unprofessional persons in the workplace. He or she should be able to judge wisely if a person does not have a sense of professionalism. Before I proceed, Unprofessionalism to quote "is anything that is below or contrary to the standards expected in a particular profession.  This simple means that Unprofessionalism is obnoxious to the standards that professionals set. So, how could we now judge professionalism as the basis that he had been able to met the standards that we set. " 1st, through how a person communicates. 2nd, how does a person project as his image and as a reputation. 3rd, the person has competence. 4th, acting as a professional person will start from the eye of the beholder. There is nothing wrong if the person is not acting professionally. What matter most, is that the person is willing to become professional without doubt and without being confused about his or her choice.
Question:  "What pisses you off at the neighborhood? What do you suggest?
Answer: The Question what pisses me off at the neighborhood seems to be an interesting topic to discuss here in this paper since I have already encountered a handful number of incidents where I was really pissed by how my neighborhood reacts every time me and my friends were having some fun. At first, the incident took place in Antipolo City, in our house in Rizal. It was Christmas season that time. What happened was, one of our neighbors in the village was over reacting when we had our MINI celebration during the Christmas Eve. What was even more shocking was that,  our neighbor was an Islam therefore, they do not really believe in Christmas at all. Furthermore, our Muslim friends or our neighbor was throwing stone at us the moment we were exchanging gifts at our place. It really pisses me off because for a fact that he cannot even respect the night the day Jesus Christ was born as believed by our fellow Christians in this world.

I highly suggest that these types of persons (who cant even show some respect to their neighbors) during special occasions should somehow know how to respect their fellow Human beings. It is our faith that keeps us moving forward. You cannot someone not to practice his or her own belief as long as it is in good faith. I highly suggest that the official of the Barangay where our Home is located should be able to publicly announce (especially those who do not really believe in good faith and important celebrations) that they should be able to fully understand that doing a celebration as such is normal and is allowed. Meaning, any type of celebration thereof should be tolerable on part of us.

Another thing that pisses me off in the neighborhood are the so-called "Tambays" sa kanto. These Tambays sometimes tends to be so ignorant in such a way that they do not know anymore of the activities that they have been doing is correct or wrong. Sometimes, these Tambays were even doing drinking sessions as early as 5 in the afternoon. As their fellow neighbors, they are making so much noise in such a way that they create public disturbance already. Compared to the previous case, we were making noise in the neighborhood but it was in right and proper situation and occasion. In this case, it is justifiable that what they have been doing is not in the proper context since there is no justifiable situation. What do I suggest, the Barangay Official should be able to propose corrective actions to minimize the disturbance of these Tambays. As an Entrepreneur, what I could recommend is to establish Programs in strengthening Business Building Ideas which will educate these tambays the things that they could have done aside from doing nothing all day, everyday. As an Entrepreneur in the Area, I would have been able to make a Basketball league (which would increase funds) to help the Barangay in their Projects. I will also utilize these Tambays to work with me in my "Ecological Waste Management Program" which is also a good business, which acts as a model program for other Barangays as well. A Project that could be named, "May Pera Sa Basura" could be beneficial not just for me but also for those who are doing nothing like the Tambays in the Neighborhood. 3

Question:  "What pisses you off in your office, what do you think must be done?"

Answer:   Working in an Advertising Agency has always been very tough for me. That is why; I have to cope up with the challenges required by the agency. Like any other companies out there, there will always be Politics. Politics in simple layman's term simply means that there are no permanent friends in this world, only interest. Like any other companies out there, there will always be politics and this is what pisses me most in the office. Well, the question of what must be done seems to be a very complicated one since this involves the entire organization per se. Fixing the Organizational Culture seems to be the only solution to the said problem. Organizational Culture simple means the 'way of life' of how the culture works. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the root of all the things. It could also be the driver of the organization to become successful.  To Quote,
"Organizational culture is the sum total of an organization's past and current assumptions, experiences, philosophy, and values that hold it together, and is expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. It is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, customs, express orimplied contracts, and written and unwritten rules that the organization develops over time and that have worked well enough to be considered valid. Also calledcorporate culture, it manifests in (1) the ways the organization conducts its business, treats its employees, customers, and the wider community, (2) the extent to which autonomy and freedom is allowed in decision making, developing new ideas, and personal expression, (3) how power and information flow through itshierarchy, and (4) the strength of employee commitment towards collective objectives. From
Now, what do we need to do for us to be able to realize change in the corporate culture and bring forth the sense of professionalism of every employee in the work place and to minimize even if not total eradicate politics? Change is inevitable. It does not stop. Change should begin from us. We might not know it; we might one of the reasons why does Bad Politics exist in the Organization. Then, after change of oneself as an individual (Internal) takes place, change should then come from the (Externalities) like the person who is '" In charge" of the organization' who is the top management. The top management should know beforehand the issues that have been happening in the organization even the issue of Politics and Nepotism.  The Top management should also come up with an action plan of how to produce and achieve desirable results of change. In Management, it will always be the top management who makes important decisions. These decisions could largely drive the change how the organization works. If the management will be able to drive these decisions to change, Politics will be lessen and I will not be pissed off anymore. 
                Question:  "What pisses you off at Ateneo Graduate School of Business?"
Answer: The question what Pisses me off with Ateneo Graduate School of Business is basically shocking and somewhat an eye opener for me to assess the quality of MBA degree programs of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Like every other student like me, what matters most is the quality education that us students should get from the expensive tuition fee that we have been paying for almost some time now. If I know for a fact that the Ateneo Graduate School of Business has been providing mediocre quality education, I should've been transferred to other schools out there offering much better quality MBA education. Basically, what really pisses me with AGSB is that it has a lenient admission process compared to the Loyola Schools and the Law Schools of the Ateneo. In the corporate world in general, I have been hearing some negative feedbacks about the MBA programs stating that anyone could pass in the entrance exams and even on its MBA Core and Non- Core Subjects being offered. Second, some Professors teaching are so old already in such a way that they cannot really teach properly. I had a class (professor name not to be disclosed) once where my seatmate and I were sitting at the back.  Both of us cannot hear the Professor due to his very low voice modulation.

Some professors also were so lenient with their students. They were just giving out high grades without even letting their students do anything. At the end of the day, this might favor the WORKING STUDENT, but then again, the students do not get the quality education that they should have learned in class. Even if students in general of AGSB are working students, it is responsibility of the working student to study hard and to be able to manage his or her time wisely balancing academics and work dues.vAnother thing that also disappoints me with AGSB is that they have a really weird graduation date every year. The schedule of Graduation for AGSB MBA candidates usually takes place every August. But the point here is this, some students as early as October to December (for an example) will already finish their STRAMA oral defense. Therefore, these students who already finished their defense has to wait until August for them to get or receive their diplomas? This situation applies in my case since I am already taking Strategic Management Class while taking Entrepreneurship class at the same time and I might be able to finish my defense by December this year.

And last but not the least, for the betterment of the Graduate School of Business of Ateneo and as a concerned Student of MBA Regis, I am hoping that AGSB will improve its current roster of Professors in the different MBA subjects that are being taught. AGSB should be able to recruit and attract top Professors who have Ph.D degrees in their specialization. An MBA degree per se is already sufficient enough for teaching due to experience and masters degree but I think what matters most is the degree of education finished. When I was in College taking up BA in Political Science and International Studies, we were told that if you want to teach in the college level, you should have at least a Masters degree like MBA/MA/MS and to name a few. BUT if you want to teach in the graduate school, you should have at least a Ph.D degree. In teaching, you should be ahead of one step for you to be able to deliver the best quality education needed.3.5
                Question:  "What pisses you off at the Mall? What do you suggest?"

Answer: Every time a person like me goes to the mall, there are only three primary reasons, nothing more, and nothing less. 1st, its either I am bored in the house, or 2nd, I need to buy something for my self or 3rd, I need to eat. Any other reasons that are not stated in what I have mentioned will not push me to go the mall. Before I proceed, allow me first to discuss what is a mall, a Mall to quote, "is a large building or a series of connected buildings containing a variety of retail stores and typically also restaurants. A mall also might be a fa├žade of a sheltered walk or a promenade. A mall in Marketing and Economics term simply means a "large space where Buyers and Sellers interact." It is also one of the venues where competition between brands takes place and where consumer was driven by advertisements to buy products even without their need and just for a thing without a valid reason to buy.  Now going back to the question, what really pisses me when I go to the Mall is when a certain group of people (usually found in the middle of the mall or in the midway) approach you and force you to sign a form where stating that you could win a lotto prize or a bingo or a jackpot!
All they are asking in return is your credit card as a proof that you could pay or purchase a thing, which really pisses me off. Next thing that pisses me off every time I visit the Mall is that Promo merchandizers will get near you and offer you a special offer. In a nut shell, Promo merchandisers does not really piss me that much except that they are to coercive sometimes to let you buy their products even if you will not be needing that product for that moment of time. Another thing that also pisses me at the mall is that every time I will park there, Malls in general (those belonging to MR accounts) charge parking fees. The worst thing is that some malls do not charge flat rate! Some malls are charging per hour, which really pisses me off, and what makes it worst, is that, they do not have sufficient security personnel doing round inside the parking areas. This could increase any commission of crime or felony like car stealing because no one is checking on the cars every now and then. Where does my Parking fee go? This is another incident in the Mall that pisses me off.
Customer Service also plays a key role in making the mall a customer oriented or friendly one. Another thing that makes me angry every time I am inside the mall is the horrendous customer service of their employees to its customer (us-mall goers). "How will they be able sustain the loyalty of their customer" if they cannot even show good quality customer service! One time, I approached a security guard inside the mall, and I asked where is the Comfort Room (CR), then what happened was, he did not replied to my inquiry and walked out of me. Now that is what I call customer service. That incident also pisses me off. For these malls sustain their customer's loyalty, MALLS should be able to improve its services, its employees and its image. The clients of these malls are customers and there is saying that we should put our client first. Since we are the customers to these malls, the management of these malls should consider that customers are always RIGHT! I am hoping that malls in the future will no longer pisses me off! 3