Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nu 6 of JC, What Pisses You off at the School

What pisses you off at AGSB? What must be done?
By: M100048 JC

I have always enjoyed studying in AGSB.  This is the first ever private school I have been to and I'm amazed by how fully equipped and clean the facilities are.  I was excited to go to class every week…until…one day I left my ID and the security guard would not let me in.  I know of course that it is my fault and I own it.  I apologized to the entrance guard and asked him on what I should do so I can enter the premises and attend my class.  He said I should go to the cashier and pay P300.  Obviously the amount shocked me.  But I couldn't complain since it is my fault.  I accepted the penalty.
The guard escorted me to the cashier (which I actually admired because it means that they make sure that no unidentified person can loiter inside the school).  I was impressed by the security of the school.  Then when I arrived at the cashier, I readied my P300 and my company ID.  The cashier just took my cash and asked my name.  I told her my name and I handed to her my work ID to show her that I am really the person I'm claiming to be. She brushed it away and gave me a receipt.  I then went to the guard and asked him to give me a temporary ID because I have already paid my penalty. The guard said "that's your temporary ID" pointing to my receipt.  Of course that confused me.   I initially planned of wearing the receipt around my neck so that nobody will question me inside the school but thought otherwise.

So what's annoying about this? 
Let's get go back to the basics.  What's the ID for?  It is a card showing that you are a valid student of AGSB and that you can enter the campus freely.  What happens when you don't have your ID?  The school can't readily validate your identity and if they let you in, the security of the campus might be compromised.  Think of how many affluent students this campus has.
The problem is, i cannot connect the premise  mentioned in the previous paragraph to the solution being done by AGSB for lost ID (making you pay P300 without validating your identity). This means that making you pay for your missing ID gives the school extra money while does nothing to security.

Therefore, if you are an outsider who wants to enter the campus, you can enter in two ways.  First as a visitor, maybe you can buy a fake ID in Recto and leave it in the entrance guard.  Second, and the more convenient, is to pretend that you're a student who lost an ID.  All you need is a P300 and you are good to go!

What can be done about it?  Part of the tuition we pay to the school is for their making sure that the facility is secure.  The main purpose of faculty and student IDs is to make sure that only authorized or registered and verified (in case of visitors) persons are allowed to enter the campus.  If I lost my school identification, then I should be required to present another ID card to the cashier/registrar so they can validate my identity.  Then they should give me a temporary ID showing that I am indeed authorized to go around the campus and attend classes.  They can charge me P300 or P500 as penalty, it doesn't matter.  I think the school is completely missing the point of why IDs are issued and it bothers me because I know for every person that enters without proper validation, the security of both people and properties of AGSB are compromised. 3

What action is proposed?


Anonymous said...

I propose finger print scanning instead of IDs. -JC