Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nu6 by AC, New Financial Services Business

Dear Mr Saguinsin,

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PROFESSONALISM – New Work, Methods, Practices
ENTREPRENEURSHIP by Mr. Jorge Saguinsin
Submitted by R110083
September 27, 2011
I propose a financial services firm that offers traditional financial advisory services not unlike those provided by commercial, universal and multinational banks for its high net worth clients.
These normally include the following:
·      Advisory and discretionary investment services and providing a wide range of investment vehicles accessible from around the world like bonds, equities, structured products, mutual funds and hedge funds.
·      Wealth planning and estate planning solutions.
The innovation proposed here is the expansion and inclusion of the following product and service offerings that cater not only to high net worth individuals but to the general investing public.  With exception to bank and quasi-banking functions of banks and same such financial institutions, the clients of this new financial services firm will be:
(1)         access to, on the spot or periodic comparison of interest rates offerings of banks and financial institutions on fixed-income instruments such as TDs. SDA. Bonds, CPs, PNs.
(2)         Access to, on the spot or periodic market analysts' surveys, studies or projections on the financial and currency markets.
(3)         Assistance in procuring information on various financial institutions for when clients want to open particular accounts for their investments and need help in deciding which FI to establish relationships with for mutual fund, money market and stock market investing.
(4)         Advisory services on tax filing, personal financial planning, estate planning and retirement planning.
(5)         Advisory services on debt elimination and debt optimization strategies for the individual.
In summary, this firm will provide convenience and efficiency in many an ordinary investor's hurdle at creating and managing his personal investment portfolio and enhancing his net worth.  The mission and vision is to empower the individual and corporate client with adequate and timely information that they may require for informed decision making.
The innovation will allow the individual to pro-actively optimize his resources at the shortest time and most efficient way possible. 3.0

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How is it going to make money?  Next question? 

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