Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NU6: New energy source by LK

NU4 – New products / product improvements
New energy source
I have read about inductive charging technology where you charge your phone by leaving it on a mat like Power Mat. It's quite a cool idea and I wondered: can this be done on a larger scale?

The world is having trouble finding an efficient alternative energy source. Ten years ago, we consider Nuclear energy as a bad energy source due to its waste, now we consider it as the cleanest, most environment friendly source.

Solar power is one of the cleanest alternative sources of energy but it's just too expensive and space consuming to create solar panels as big as Luzon to power the whole Philippines.

But here's an idea: The power mat works by transferring energy wirelessly through electro-magnetic fields. If a country, or a group of Asian countries led by Japan constructs power plants in the outer space, and somehow beat the energy wirelessly to receptors in regional power plants, then that might be a viable source of alternative energy.


Of course further research especially on the effect of magnetic fields on our brains is needed. We do not want zombies and perverts walking the streets of Asia in exchange for clean alternative energy source.

Does it work?    3.0  Can you apply this on your own?  Thanks


M080037 said...

The pad works. It charges Phones just fine. I researched further and found a book "The Next 100 Years" where this possibility is discussed. The author also researched about it and found that applications of this concepts are now being investigated. And thus it can work because it's being studied already as the book says. It's not a new idea anymore but perhaps creativity counts. :) do I get a better than 3.0 grade? hehe