Friday, May 11, 2012

6 Technological Innovations of the Decade.

Innovate or Die!

 Patrick Cox of Agora Financial

You have to believe that innovations create more wealth.  You have to see this video,/report which promise solutions to our everyday problems and more wealth for investors.  This is the bright silver lining amidst the US crisis.  For people who create new ideas or who keep watch over innovations (NU 365) they will not have problem in this chaotic world.

This is from Technology Profits Confidential.  They are pitching paid information/subscription. Written by Patrick Cox.

Jackpot Events of the Decade

Some of the innovations:

l.  New energy source:

        1.   pumping sulfate and sea water to harvest more oil

        2.  scum/algae pond to accelerate the oil formation process from million of years to several months.

        3. mighty mites to harvest bio fuel from cellulose, cyanobacteria that yield oil; enzymes to harvest fuel from paper sludge

2.  Spintronics memory in computers.

3.  Smartbomb drug vs. cancer  (see my post at Cheapcures).  A new cure in cancer is worth million of dollars.

4.  Nanotech  medicine

5.  Bio tech  (that is why pharma is fighting nutrional medicine)

6.  Royalty on mobile disease (the new growth area on IT)

Other tidbits:

> Warren Buffett who does not believe in high tech co., invested in lithium battery maker and watched his investment leaped upward;

>  there is a cheaper way of making solar panels;

>  there is a new drug that lowers cholesterol;

>  drug for cutting nicotine addiction;

>  bio viagra  (there are natural viagras too, but we cant make money on this since natural foods are non patentable..

This stuff is the same stuff we do for NU 12.

As for crimes:

More crimes are being committed with computers than with guns.   (I have posted quite a number on pishing ploys, including one allegedly from google threatening to shut down this blog)

The biggest crime wave now is IDENTITY THEFT.  Beware.

Link:    Technology Profits Confidential

N.B.  As for other advice of AF, beware too because of some allegations vs the firm

"New ideas create more and better new products and services; create more wealth."