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NU12_2 by Mhelody C. Catubay

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Mhelody C. Catubay
General Manager
CMM Security Services Co.

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Passbook Machine

Most of us go to bank to withdraw/deposit... especially if we are using a passbook/bankbook. transaction thru passbook can't be done during weekends and holidays so if we badly needed the money we need to wait for another business day to transact.

Since we innovation makes life more easier for us, why don't we invent a machine where passbook can be use as a form of withdrawal.

The passbook should have a bar code at the back which will be detected by the machine once confirm by the machine that it is a valid bar code, the user should encode a his/her password then the amount to withdraw then he need to insert his/her passbook to print the transaction so slip are no longer needed since it will print the transaction in the passbook.

I think by using this, queueing in the bank will be lessen since there is another way to withdraw using the passbook. 4
Mhelody C. Catubay
General Manager
CMM Security Services Co.

Jorge U. Saguinsin
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