Friday, May 11, 2012

NU12 by BRT - Bluetooth Touchscreen Digital Watch

Dear Prof. Saguinsin,
Below herewith is my NU12 Week 3 Assignment.
Thanks and regards.
Bryan Roy Trinidad
New Products/Product Improvements (Part III)
What is the future of time-keeping?
My idea is to develop a Bluetooth Touchscreen Digital Watch with attachable Projector that is perfect for customers who keep their smart phones and Ipad in their pockets, bags or briefcase.
This watch will allow the customer to accept calls using its Blue tooth features and they can even present their report that is saved in their Ipad using the projector.
The specifications of the watch will be as follows:
-          It has a retractable USB port for Ipad that is located on the left hand side of the watch.
-          It is waterproof up to 12 meter (39.4 feet) of salt water.
-          It has removable projector that has a resolution of 640x360 and the projected screen size can go up to 65 inches and with a range of nearly 3 meters
-          It has a Bluetooth feature and you can also re-dial numbers by touching the button on the screen.
-          It has a frequency of 2.4 Ghz and it range is up to 10 meters
-          It will not use a Lithium battery rather its power will rely more on USB charging and it has a back up solar power.
-          Its size is approximately 2.5" wide and fits 16-22 cm wrist and weighs about 69 grams (without the projector)
Overall, the watch that I want to develop will not only give convenience to the yuppies and adults  but it will have added features that will be beneficial to entrepreneurs who is always on the run. 4