Monday, May 21, 2012

John Ng NU12 ideas number 4, 5, 6, and 7 out of 12

Since the Industrial Age have revolutionized, factories have evolved to improve their way of delivery. The problem is, since the delivery is passed to many distributors, different types of cost have been cascaded, so the price increased and have been shouldered by the customers. As shown in the diagram:
Supplier -> Importer -> Wholesaler -> Retailer -> Customer
My solution is very simple, why won't the supplier invest on the ordering and delivery of the product? Or make a centralized ordering system online. Where online orders can pool a channel of orders, and direct it to the suppliers where they can BID the orders. Or they can compete for the order, where every supplier can have equal orders so everyone can benefit. So the system will look like in the diagram xbelow:                                                                           
Supplier -> Customer

Since I work in a Water utility company, for sure I would have a stable job. Water is a necessity and will be needed for life. The problem I see here, when we lack water, we are in drought and the supply of food lessen. But excessive water causes flood which distributes bacteria, cause damage to crops and destroys property. But water, when used properly it results to abundance.
My proposed solution is to make a big cover for each large area for the commercial and business area. When it rain, it could catch the rain and direct all the water to one channel. When it sunny, it could be used as a shed. The water that has been collected would be directed to a water silo where this can be treated and used for cleaning purposes.
Since we have less space for planting trees in commercial and business area, we need to develop catch basins for each building for unnecessary water that comes from the rain.
Store it and hold it then direct it to the Water treatment plant. 4

Universal Folder.
Have you been on a tour with a group of different friends?
Have you been easily pushed to join on a different common friends?
With this exciting memorable moments, each one brings their own camera.
The problem here is after the joint fun adventure, the memories are gone,
because each one have a separate kind of lifestyle.
One solution is to upload the picture in facebook or multiple, but the problem
here is to upload each picture and download them individually with a lower resolution.
My proposed solution is, integrate a wifi connection in the camera, so after taking a group of shots
upload them directly to a server and you can link the folder and share the RAW file to your common friend.
With this, during the trip, you can save space to your camera, compile all your pictures to one destination
and having less problem communication to get the files. x
Do you want to be a millionaire?
I know this is childish simple, but I just want to share.
How many population do we have in our country?
How many is your friend in facebook or other social network?
In our daily lives, how many people do we interact with?
How frequent do we travel?
This is the proposed solution, make at least a million friend, and each friend, ask them to donate a peso.
With this, maybe we could make a charity out of yourself. 4
John Ng