Monday, May 14, 2012

NU 12_Week4_DUENAS- Speed Meter/Counter

Edwin T. DueƱas                                                                                            NU12 – Week 4
NU Ideas: Speed meter/counter and reflector/lights in trucks/buses
According to the Department of Health (DOH), road accidents are the fourth leading cause of death among Filipinos. Many experts believed that if this problem is not addressed, road accidents could be the primary cause of death among Filipinos by the year 2020. Interestingly, more than 50% of major road accidents and deaths involve trucks or buses. This is because in the Philippines, trucks and buses are usually driving fast so that they could meet their quota and schedule. Actually, it is common to see truck and bus drivers drive fast and swerve in the road. Defensive driving or safety is not their priority instead there are more focus on delivering their task as quick as possible.
In this regard, trucks and buses should have change the design of its body/container. It should show a "speed meter/counter" in its body and the container and the truck itself should have special reflector stickers or lights. The speed counter can make officials aware that these trucks are over speeding and the reflector stickers can help other motorist see how close the body of the truck/bus to them. I thought of this because of my bad experience with trucks and buses in C3 road and EDSA. They drive so fast and you will just be surprise that they are so near your car already. In this idea it can decrease road accidents involving trucks and buses and it can also be a source of income. A third party company accredited by LTO and LTFRB can start this business with the support of the government. 3