Friday, May 11, 2012

NU12-Week5_DUENAS Video Books

Edwin T. DueƱas                                                                                            NU12 – Week 5
New Product: Video Books
            When I was a kid, I trained myself to read books because I learned from my teachers that you can improve yourself by reading. At the same time, knowledge can be increase and handling of the English language could get better.  So in time, I would borrow books that interest me in the library. Usually out of the three books I borrowed I only finished one. Thru time, I began to like reading because it excites me and turns up my imagination. I bought different books some I already read some I have not yet even turned a page. Because of my busy schedule I am not able to read books (fiction, biography). Logically, the amount of time that I will spend in reading my books should be spent in studying my subjects or cases in school. Recently, I noticed that some of my books have turned their color to brownish indicating age. Some even have a foul odor. Because of this I was turned off with collecting books and realized that it is not a good investment as it depreciates physically thru time.
Today, the trend is already with eBooks in tablets, Kindle or in the computer. Audio books have also their own set of followers. I've experienced both using an eBook and an audio book and I can say that I had a great experience. First, you don't need to carry thick books because these products are already inside your gadget. Second, there is no physical depreciation in these items. But I realized that there is something lacking with this products. The eBooks lacks excitement that the audio gives. While the audio books lacks visual presentation. Therefore I taught of a business that involves "VIDEO BOOKS". These books will have the text and photos that usual books have but in addition there will be video clips included. Aside from this there will be an option to turn on the audio, where in it will be like an audio book where there is a reader. I can say that this is the total package for book readers, as you can have the feel of reading the usual books with photos, videos and an audio support. Videos clips will be limited and just enough to maintain the interest for the books. The same way as photos is included in the usual hard bound books. The merchandise will be sold as an electronic file or in a DVD or CD or USB. This will also be available in online stores.
Looking back in my grade school years, I remembered one professor asked me a question if I would rather read a book or watch a movie about saints. My answer back then was I'd rather read the book because it is more complete and arouses my imagination but if my professor would ask me now I shall say, why not have both? 3