Friday, May 11, 2012

NU12 Week6_Abrugena - New Business Idea

Good afternoon Sir, please see below for my NU Idea for Week 6.
Thank you and best regards.
May 11, 2012
New Business Idea
The heat of the summer can really get in the nerves of a lot of people nowadays. But I can say that being at the beach does not at all aggravate people's annoyance of the very humid air as the view, experience and being away from the busy city ably compensates the damp feeling. That was what actually surprised me during a recent trip in Palawan with the whole family. I usually am not a fan of the beach because I do not like being under the sun for too long. However, the beautiful island of Palawan managed to make a shift in my preferences. That summer escapade with my loved ones was truly a relaxing and memorable event of our year.
With all the activities and fun we had in Puerto Princesa, I have now thought of a summer business that can bring more convenience to tourists like us. First is sort of a locker room or nipa hut by the beach where people can leave their valuables. Usually, during vacations, there always is that one person who has to be left behind to look after the group's stuff or they had to take turns in staying in the area where their things are. I am looking at something like the gym lockers wherein individuals would just rent a cubbyhole with lock and they could just bring and pin their keys with them while swimming. With that, people do not need to worry about the safety of their valuables. An alternative to that is they can rent out a nipa box with lock which they can bring out in the shore if they prefer their things to be within reach and without the need to crowd with other people in the locker room. To manage it, the boxes will have their respective numbers as to the keys and everything has to be returned by the end of the day. The storage box when left by the shore should have a hook or something heavy at the bottom that can be shoved in the sand so it would not be easy for any stranger to just take it away.
Just a little addition which I thought of while snorkeling is that the snorkel mask can be made with a small comb at the side because being under water for a very long time can mess up one's crowning glory. Hence, it would be much easier if there is a ready comb to use before picture taking. Another thing, during spelunking, an activity similar to rock climbing, I can offer a product called a storage belt. Tied around the waist, this belt can accommodate cellphone, camera, money, mirror, etc. What's going to be new in this product is it is made of plastic and is surely sealed so that there would be no worries if a person goes straight to the beach right after land activities due to too much excitement. Well, that is all for my summer paraphernalia. 4