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Date: Mon, May 7, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Subject: NU 12 - New Attitude / Paradigm

New attitude / paradigm
I've just recently started my own construction practice and there are many new attitudes that I need to learn. One which is learning to manage my time. Although i've done this quite well in the corporate setting, managing your time when you have people to delegate your work to is a lot easier than managing your time when you have to do everything. As a start-up entrepreneur, I cannot afford to hire assistants to do tasks yet. I wish to keep overheads low so I can be able to compete. This means doing most of the work myself. Given this scenario, I am looking at how to manage my 24 hours in a day. The idea is for me to come up with a formula or certain percentages of my time allocation for different work aspects – work supervision, prework preparation, procurement, marketing and business development, estimating, accounting, education, and of course leisure. I'm trying to cram this in a 12 hour working schedule per day. Right now, im still trying to figure out a way to make estimates for this, but I do believe this will help me prioritize and manage my time better. 3

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