Thursday, May 24, 2012

NU 12 by Bryan Roy Triniidad - Rice and Noodles Vendo

Dear Prof. Saguinsin,
Below herewith is my NU12 Week 6 Assignment.
Thanks and regards.
Bryan Roy Trinidad
New Products/Product Improvements (Part V)
Are you always in a hurry going to your office or to your class and have no time to cook food? I might just have the answer to that!
An instant food would be a perfect fit to the concerns of students or employees who are always in a hurry. And no, this is not just an ordinary cup noodles but a cup noodles which one could easily buy through vending machine.
This special 'Noodles and Rice' vending machine offer different features:  
-         Consumers could choose between a rice or noodles.
-         The cup or plate that will be used is recyclable and they can even take it home to use it.
-         A spoon and/or chopsticks for eating will be shelled out from the vending machine depending on the need of the consumers
-         There will be various flavors offered that concentrates on chicken, pork and vegetables.
-         The soup that will be poured in the cup noodles will not just be an ordinary water but a flavoured soup which would perfectly fit the flavour chosen to make it    more tastier
-         The client can also buy an extra soup for their rice meal
-         Actual chunk of ingredient (e.g. chicken) will be included in the noodles or rice variety and there is no preservative or MSG that will be use.
-         An added feature to this vending machine is the free can drinks and candy bar desert.
This vending machine could be stationed inside various office buildings, schools and their canteens to make it accessible to a lot of our target markets.4
Since we're already in an 'instant' and 'fast phased' generation, this 'Noodles and Rice To Go' idea could be a very feasible idea.