Monday, May 21, 2012

NU12 for May 22, 2012 (KRaval)

All-in-One camping gear
I've been going up and down mountains for four years now and it is always a delightful experience, especially whenever I reach the summit and see breathtaking views and witness nature's wonders. The whole mountaineering experience for me is great, because I feel rewarded, and it is also a form of extreme exercise for me, especially during the trek. The downside to trekking, though, is that you have to carry a very heavy pack while going up uneven terrain amidst the extreme weather. No matter how "light" you pack, the gear is still not light enough to carry up the mountains.

A big technical pack, a tent, trekking pole, insulation, sleeping bag, extra clothes, extra footwear, hydration pack, binoculars, camera, cooking tools and ingredients, carabiners, trekking rope, windbreaker, headlamp – these are the basics. In packing these mountaineering gear, you still have to gather all of these and put them in one bag and make sure that all of them fit. For me and my fellow backpackers, it is quite a hassle because we have to pack and unpack every so often. And so we think of how to make it more convenient for us to get ready for the climb – what if Black Diamond or Deuter or any outdoor gear brand come up with an all-in-one camping/trekking pack featuring these items? All items, of course, should be made of ultra lightweight material and should have an exclusive pocket in the backpack or bag. This should save a lot of time and effort in packing and even give us the convenience to get the specific gear that we need at a specific time during the climb. It's like a Swiss army knife but it's a bag with all the survival gear needed. So instead of buying one gear at a time, buying this all-in-one pack would be a much easier approach to getting ready for your adventure – this way you would surely enjoy the experience much better and more conveniently. 3.5 (you need upper body strengthening for the weight, or if not a Sherpa guide ha3)