Melanie Silverio

My sister already has two kids and whenever they go to the mall, the kids would be all over the place so it is really hard for her to do her shopping and watch her kids at the same time. I'm sure that most moms can relate to this. So what they would normally do is hire a "yaya" or babysitter to watch over their kids when they go shopping or busy with something. From this, I thought of a product (tracking device) that would be useful to this situation. Adults would have this cellphone-like tracking device with them while their kids would wear a watch or bracelet that is connected to the tracking device.
Here are the features of the proposed tracking device:

1.  When the child goes beyond 6 or 7 feet away from you the device would alarm to call your attention just in case you are so busy with something and did not notice that your child has already tried to go somewhere. 

2. It is also like a GPS wherein you will also be able to monitor the location of your child.

3.On the child's watch or bracelet, there is an information that has the name of the child and his/her parents and contact no. as well. 

4. This device is also rechargeable. 

I think that this device would also help lessen the incidents of missing children in our country. 4