Sunday, May 27, 2012

NU12 Week 6 - CD Abugan (Mobile Sunday School)

Hearing Sunday mass (or anticipated mass) is often a family affair for our fellow Roman Catholic Filipinos. Masses in a certain parish/location is usually held every hour (for bigger ones). A regular parish usually hold 5 mass at the minimum during Sundays. More importantly, these 1 hour masses are usually packed with a lot more people standing in the back.

Forgive me but this is my pet peeve when hearing Catholic Masses (and I have to admit that I am a Non-Catholic, a protestant in fact)....

Yes it is accepted that Sunday mass is a family activity ("the family that prays together stays together right?"). Parents are encourage to bring their children to mass (and it is a noble and righteous/Christian thing to do). But I often wonder, what if there will be a depository for children during mass? Some sort of a play place set-up but with a bible Sunday school theme (this is common for Non-Catholic church actually) - of course for a fee. In here, children are separated in age groups with facilitators conducting bible schools. With this, parents and other parish goers can focus more with the mass - lesser crying, lesser running around, lesser attention to kids having tantrums, lesser attention to hungry kids, etc. Plus (i maybe wrong) but kids don't actually get the message of the mass - they are there because their parents are there. So might as well, have something that will communicate Catechism in a way easier for them to understand.  

But where? Space will always be an issue. So it will have to be a mobile one - a double decker bus converted to accommodate such activity. Making it mobile allows it to travel to nearby churches/parishes depending on the schedule of the mass.4

CD Abugan