Saturday, March 23, 2013

Attempt 2: NU12 #3 – Professionalism: New work, methods, practices – Lea Olegario

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Attempt 2: NU12 #3 – Professionalism: New work, methods, practices – Lea Olegario
Our office provides services all over the world and we deploy engineers in different places and in varying durations. It is very hard for us and for the managers to track where a resource will be, when he will be coming back, etc.
We have an intranet site in the office and I asked to create a sharepoint site for our group and created a ‘Travellers List’ that states information like Name of Engineer, Country of Assignment, Departure Date, Return Date, Remarks, Contact Numbers Onsite, and Project End Date. This is list is constantly updated every time a new engineer leaves a country or returns home. Rebookings are also captured here. Since Sharepoint has a function for notification, we used the ‘Alert me’ feature to send an automatic reminder for those who will be returning or applying for a visa soon. In this case, we do not forget or miss any possible arrangement we might need to do for our colleagues.
Also, the site can be accessed by anyone whom we will grant access to so it can be shown to the concerned personnel. In this everyone can have easy access to data and can edit the data if necessary. Of course the changes can only be done by those who were given the contribute access. This has served to be very useful for a lot of people trying to contact the engineers, those needing to monitor their return dates, and generating a report on the current number of engineers outside of the country.