Sunday, March 24, 2013

NU 12 #12 MBAH by Sugar Scalpel - follow up and checking subordinate work

Nu 12: What pisses me off at our office? What must be done?

Entrep AGSB MBAH 10B
Sugar scalpel

The environment where we work sometimes reflect how we are viewed by our customers or clients. If we believe in this saying, then we spend time and effort to really tidy up our office and make sure everything is in good working condition. We instruct our secretaries to fix everything and sometimes make them a schedule of activities or things to do so that you don't have to keep on reminding them. This is an ideal set-up. Unfortunately, everything doesn't always go as planned. What pisses me most in the office is failing to accomplish the necessary paperworks needed to satisfy government regulatory agencies. That means accomplishing and paying our income taxes, municipal/mayor's permits, getting our residence certificate, PTR, paying and renewing our Philhealth accreditations and many others. I always remind my secretary all those things and assume that everything is taken cared of since you reminded your secretary. Alas, when you look and check for those things, its non-existent. What must be done about it?

 First, never ever assume that what you have instructed to your secretary will be followed to the letter. Second, you must physically check the necessary proof like receipts, the permits themselves, the paperworks themselves to make sure that everything was really accomplished. Third, always have a checklist on what to do and physically check with your secretary whether its done. Fourth, always check and check and never ever assume that everything is ok unless you yourself did so. If you do not do these things, it will be very costly on your part, not your secretary's part, and you will end up fuming mad and suffering the consequences.     3