Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wind lens discovered at Kyushu University in Japan triples wind turbine output

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From Clean Tecnica | September 2011 

Prof Yuji Ohya  of the Yushu University of Research Institute of Applied Mechanics found out that installing a lens device on the turbine can triple (or even 5x) the output of wind turbine.  This is due to the vortex effect of wind travelling through the lip of the lens which literally sucks the air into the turbine.   The implication of this findings is that modifying the present wind turbine capability of US alone can make it self sufficient.

From Mother Nature Network - wind lens make wind power cheaper than nuclear

From Channel News Asia - Japan can go non nuclear with the wind turbine lens? 
The rebroadcast last night of the work of Prof Ohya egged me to research this development.

Advantages of this wind turbine lens:

l.  Is quiet; (the noise pollution of a large wind turbine is just like that of a jet taking off)

2.  Parts will not scatter when they break

3. Protection vs birds colliding with the wind turbine blades (wind turbines kill plenty of bald eagles in US)

4.  Increases the efficiency of wind turbine by 3 to 5x.