Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NU12 #10 - New Attitude/paradigm

Hi Sir,

I can't find my NU12 #10 so I'm resending a different one.

The decision that I take my MBA did not came from me. It was a suggestion by my mom who really wanted me to take law school (until now she's pushing me to take it). Like in college when they pushed/planned the course I am to take, they kinda did the same with my MBA. Initially, it was just a "favor" i am doing for my parents but there was no hesitation because I really want a business course. My dream was to become involve in businesses, and like what I said in my factor paper, I really want to become a business tycoon - the first female in Asia.

In 2009, MBA to me was to just pass my time and have a different environment. I was not serious with school. I careless about my grades and how my professor perceive me. Things happened in the family that I have to stop for 5 terms, and when I got back school became different. I was struck with the question of my professor about taking MBA. I thought what do i want to gain from school? What can Ateneo contribute to me as a person? More than the friends i made and I will be making, what else do I expect every term?

There were too many questions that I wanted to be answered. And focusing with my studies changed my habit and perception about MBA. This is not just a fad, a "yabang" moment but it is my future at stake. And so, starting last term, I became more serious with the events happening to me, my attitude towards MBA changed for the better.


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