Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NU 12 - Jenny Liquete Sentrep

Ateneo Innovation and Entrepreneurship "New ideas create more and better new products and services; create more wealth."

NU 12: New business opportunities you can think of or just think of whatever new things come into your mind. - Jenny Liquete <anti spice>

-          Anti-spice: Never miss your favorite meal again!
How many times have you missed the opportunity to order a delicious spicy meal because someone from your group does not eat anything spicy? This is usually the case for families that have children with them because most children do not eat spicy food. I, for one, have low tolerance on spicy food and I do not want others to miss out the meals they would like to try because of me.
It is difficult for us too; food lovers like me who have low tolerance in spicy food, because there are countless enticing food in menus that look and sound scrumptious. However, due to our weakness in spice, we are too afraid to try them or enjoy them because we cannot control the level of spiciness even when requested to the restaurant.
These gave me the idea of an anti-spice product. By adding this anti-spice to the designated plate, groups can now order spicy food without worrying that one of them would not be able to eat and food lovers like me can now also order any spicy dish and adjust the spiciness through the amount of anti-spice we will put on our serving. 3
      DIY bangs (haircut kit)
Bangs are very popular among girls. It is a staple hairstyle and will hardly go out of style. It may look like an easy fix, but the truth is, it is very hard to maintain. It is even harder to maintain than the normal haircut because it always has to be at the right length. If not maintained, it will give a different look. With this high-maintenance characteristic, girls need to spend time and money to go to the salon and have it maintained.
Because of this need and high demand, a DIY haircut kit for bangs should be sold. This kit will include a pair of scissors specially designed to cut and style bangs and another tool (similar to a ruler but with an angle) that will be used as a pattern to provide the user a clear guide on the length of hair to cut on a certain area. This tool will also have a clip on its other side to hold the bangs when held up. I noticed that when my bangs are being maintained in the salon, the hairdresser chops it off while holding it up.
This haircut kit will come in 3 variants – 1 for full bangs, 1 for left-side bangs, and 1 for right-side bangs. Its convenience and cheaper price are the main benefits to the users. The interactive process is an additional perk to the users. 4
      Boat engine-powered heated rail for towel and lifevest
The feeling of wind brushing through your skin and the splash of cold water are two of the most enjoyable feelings during island hopping. That is, if you and your clothes are still dry. The feeling is exactly the opposite when you are already on your way back. Your cold and wet clothes are already sticking to your skin and your towel and lifevest are also dripping because of your constant use. Making matters worse, your towel and life vest already have that certain odor when something does not get dried completely. The wind and the splash of water that once had given you pleasure are now making you shiver uncomfortably and hope that the trip back would already end.
What if you can keep your towel and lifevest dry and warm? This can be made possible through a boat engine-powered heated rail for towels and lifevests. It would only cost a little for the owner of the boat because although he has to set up the rail, the heat will come from its own engine. Towels and lifevests of the island hoppers will be placed on this rail when they are not being used – during swimming or tour on an island. This extra effort and innovation would totally improve the experience of the island hoppers. They might find this value-add innovation worthy of a big tip or better yet, they will hire this boat again on their next island hopping and recommend it to their friends and contacts.3

 ‘Invisible’ undercover gadgets (location tracker and audio transmitter)
Human beings have an innate need to know everything especially those that are hidden from them. Although this need has been answered by the creation of undercover gadgets, the risk of being discovered is still a greater threat for amateurs (anyone who is not affiliated with undercover jobs). This threat prevents those interested from using these gadgets.
To solve this problem, undercover gadgets should be designed in such a way that their end products will only be thin transparent films that can be glued anywhere like clothes, tables or cars. To ensure that these gadgets will not be discovered, they should be able to auto-dissolve in a given period. There should also be variants of the product depending on their time limit before they dissolve.
This kind of products may be very difficult and expensive to produce and to design but with the level of desperation of people, there would still be a market that would be willing to pay just to find answers or to confirm their suspicions.
It is important to note though that the sale of these products should be regulated and monitored by the business. These products can be very dangerous if they are sold to anyone who does not actually need the product (ex. stalkers, columnists, criminals). An investigation department should approve the request first before closing the deal with the buyer. 3