Sunday, March 24, 2013

NU12 #7 by Sugar Scalpel MBAH -vending machine for wifi

NU 12: New Products/Product Improvements: Putting Free WiFi in Vending Machines
Sugar Scalpel
Entrep AGSB MBAH 10B

Are you a user of vending machines for your personal needs like a quick drink or snacks especially in a hurry or in an emergency, that is, like really thirsty or in diabetic persons suffering from hypoglycemia seconds from passing out that needs sugar loaded drinks to perk up their low blood sugar level? How about sending an important report thru email to your boss who is in a board meeting somewhere and the report is crucial in their discussion, and you are in a grocery store or supermarket in a provincial setting visiting a sick relative or on a 2-day leave or for any other reason, or walking along a busy street on your way home from office? Been in a similar situation? 
In this age of smartphones, tablets and connectivity, there are still instances when you need an internet connection "at once" for important matters like reading an important email, answering a query from a customer, answering the order from your boss about sending a report and a whole myriad of reasons. Well, do not feel disappointed or frustrated by it for help is on the way. Here comes the "vending machine with free wifi"! Vending machines are traditionally mobile food sources and can be placed anywhere as long as there is electricity. But vending machines have the potential to expand their "services" because of their potential to reach mass market. Imagine putting a "free wifi" in vending machines to make it more attractive. It has the potential to attract more customers thereby increasing its business volume. The "free wifi" can be triggered only if somebody buys from the vending machines and it will only last for 15 mins. If somebody buys again from the vending machine, the 15 mins. "free wifi" will restart again. This only means that if there is no buyer from the vending machines, then there will be no "free wifi". The mechanics of this also prevents free rider, meaning people who will just roam around vending machines just to enjoy its "free wifi". In this way, you add value to the traditional vending machines and increase its potential to attract more customers and therefore more business for you.  4