Monday, March 25, 2013

MBAH NU-12 (12) by Sherwinism - Art and Health


Entrepreneurship NU-12 (12/12)
Category: Sustainability
By: sherwinisms

I have been doing social development work in health for almost 5 years now. Our main thrust is on leadership and governance and how it would help influence and drive the local health system to be able to address the needs of their community. Below is a figure representing the triangulate of intervention in a local health system.
In this triangulate, the gap still remains in the Demand Side which is actually the Health seeking behavior of the community. The only existing intervention in this dimension is the “Intensified Education Campaigns”. No other interventions are being done in this dimension.

With several consultations done among different stakeholders in the community, the idea came up of engaging the community in health dialogues. Looking at the situation, there had to be a way by which we could touch on every person’s “inner feel”.

In rural areas, the holding of fiestas and theatrical shows are very big events and were very much welcomed by the community. This became the jump off point of the idea of using the arts in encouraging health dialogue and promoting health.

The new idea is the formation of art guilds in municipalities which shall be trained on basic theatrical arts including music and drama. Alongside this are details of common health issues within their municipalities.

The main concept of “Sining at Kalusugan” will be to train a team knowledgeable on basic health concepts of basic health issues and go from barangay to barangay and engage the people in health dialogue using theatrical arts as opening salvos to capture their attention and touch their inner feel. This would be local people also living in these areas and are thus familiar with the language and culture of the locals.

This would hopefully complete the cycle of strengthening all three dimensions and eventually bring about  vibrant and sustained local health systems. 3