Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NU12#10 Molina, Jose Paolo - Karaoke in cars

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Karaoke in Cars
Filipinos are popular for their love of the Karaoke. Let’s face it, even if we do not have a golden voice, nothing can keep us from holding on to that microphone and sing.  It’s a great way for friends and family to bond and be merry.
Same is true for me, even if I don’t sing like a Martin Nievera or a Basil Valdez, I still sing.
I especially love to sing when I’m driving alone because it helps me to be awake. And the fact that no one can hear me boosts my confidence and I sing louder.
I thought why not have karaoke machines installed in cars? Think about it, we can practice our vocal chords while we are in an unproductive hour of the day while going home.  It’s a great way to release stress too according to some people I know.
I was thinking that it shouldn’t have words or pictures, just the minus one music and you are expected to memorize the songs that you choose. 4
You choose your line up of songs before you start driving and then just enjoy.  After the song, the machine will just dictate like a pre-recorded message how much is your score.
This is not just for one person though. If you have passengers, they can also sing and there would be a small screen for the passengers where they can also read the lyrics (not for the driver because its dangerous).
Think of how many family long trips would be more enjoyable because even before you get to Baguio or Baler, everyone is already pumped up by the singing.