Monday, March 25, 2013

MBAH Food Trip Report by Peaches

Food Trip Report
Often times I wonder what kind of business  i can indulge in. Definitely a venture that would 
 interest me, a  passion, yes my passion for cooking, therefore giving it a thought or two, why not a restaurant or food stall.  Thus, the reason why I was so excited knowing a food trip activity was scheduled one Saturday for  our entrep class which became a reality on March 09.
Although we were able to go to three food outlets only, the activity of observe, learn , observe (OLO) was applied and turned out to be very helpful  and challenged  my critical thingking.
Our first destination was Banana Leaf at power plant mall, which was very timely because it was almost 1pm and my stomach was grumbling. At the frontage of Banana Leaf , there were two ladies who greeted all of us in asian attire and guided us to our long table ( we were almost 20). Looking around, the entire  area seemed relaxed and very asian. The menu was at once  handed to us for which there were quite a number of dish presented.  It revealed a variety of contemporary southeast asian cuisine, from malaysian, singaporean, thai, indian, and indonesian cuisine. Most were spicy dishes but this can always be adjusted to the customers' delight according to the waiter.  The pictures in the menu were indeed mouthwatering  and delicious for which initially we were at a dilema what to order. Finally we had our choices and true enough all the dish we ordered were exclusively served and tasted with authentic ingredients. It was also observe that instead  of the usual plates were green banana leafs  to match all the spicy dishes  which made the presentation unique and more appetizing. What more if we ate with bare hands!  Banana Leaf, aside from the usual dine in has also engaged in events for which one can design his/her own menu.
Given that Banana Leaf has  been  there for a number of years, it is quite obvious that they are successful. Their prices are reasonable considering the location is a high end mall. Although this level of the mall are presented with different restaurants, each has  its own theme to offer. Banana leaf currently  has 7 branches in Metro Manila and 1 in Cebu. They are open  for franchising with new carreer opprtunities for one like me (whose passion is cooking).
In addition they too have promos for card holders. It was almost 2' oclock when we finished our meal and people kept coming.

Our second destination was meant for "sweet tooth" people, just like me. Sugarhouse which was just a few meters from Banana Leaf.  The area seemed  a bit crowded and waiters were attentive. Sugarhouse  initially started as a cake and pastry shop which after years was known as a full service restaurant with a complete line of selected meals  as chicken salpicao, beef salpicao,  and callos, usually served with a choice of  mixed vegetables, salad, salsa and rice either garlic or plain. They also have come up with Breakfast meals as tocino, longanissa, eggs and bacon.
 The group ordered  chocolate cake,  perfect with the right sweetness and the best apple pie in town (which according to the waitress was packed with 8 deliciously red apples).
For  sugar house' cakes to be more affordable, aside from the 8' cake, petite and baby cakes were made available. They have also come up with sugar free products like  mammon, empanada and cinnamon. The latest  "meal with a twist" is beef ribs in beer.
Sugarhouse has also ventured in take-out trays and catering and made to order cakes for all occassions. I still feel that Sugar house is a cakehouse and has come up as Manila's premier cake house and it is this that sugarhouse is branded with.
To the mind of most filipinoes, cakes and pastries are still considered as desserts or given as presents/gift for birthday parties or any event. Therefore unless you are a cake lover, I guess a simple dessert after a meal would suffice. Sugarhouse has been there for 25 years with 17 branches, an indication obviously of its success. It's venture  of  a "full service restautant" has added to its profitability. Through thoise years I guess too that  Sugarhouse has acquired loyal patriots which they have gained trust through the years.         
The third and final destination was DRAFT Rockwell :
Draft Rockwell is  a european gastro-pub, serves european comfort food and the best beers in
town. It was newly opened at the power plant mall on November 2012. The area is comfortable although I would suggest curtain shades to cover the brightness that comes in from the outside. It is also good that they have their own restroom.
There were no other customers when we came in, maybe because it was almost 3 in the afternoon or is this restaurant  works best at night or a mean caters more to those who would love to drink and stay? I think I should go back during those hours to do my  "LOL" activity.       
Done March 21, 2013
Food Trip Report – "peaches"