Saturday, March 23, 2013

NU12 #3 - What pisses you off at the neighborhood? What do you suggest?

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What pisses me off are the tricycle drivers that are really rude on the road. I was driving on our way home, when I got bumped by a speeding-drunk tricycle driver. He was coming so fast he didn't have time to step on the brake, and he hit me. What pissed me off was that the bumper of the car fell due to the impact, and my youngest passenger - at that time was only 4 - had a huge bump in his forehead. Tricycle drivers in our area often drive with invalid license or no license at all. What is worse is that most of them are drunk.<they should be jailed>

I suggest that there should be an ordinance strictly implemented about this issue. <Lack of enforcement.  There is an existing LTO law>This is not just for me but also for the safety of other people. The ordinance should state that police will do random check points at strategic locations, but it should be a surprise one. Or they can do it at the terminals to ensure that all drivers will be checked.

The local government should be vigilant about this because there are too many accidents that involved tricycle drivers in our area.3


Athens S. Cruz