Saturday, March 23, 2013

Incentive for solar panel system installation

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From renewable energy news | 2012 

Why go solar?  Why invest in PV panels in your rooftop?

Aside from helping the planet, saving the environment (conservation of fossil fuels, lessening air pollution, accumulation of greenhouse gases) there are direct incentives for going solar:

l.  Savings on electricity costs;  by having part of your power consumption come free from the sun, you reduce your power consumption from the utility firm, hence monthly bill.

2.  Cost of solar panels have gone down.  In Europe this is as much as 70%; and in  the US 50%.  There are many Chinese solar panel manufacturing plants offering competitive prices.

3.  Affordable financing, leasing options

4.  It may actually earn money for you.  When the net metering is used finally, utility firm actually pays you under an FIT program.  It is P9.83 in PHL

What are we waiting for?