Friday, March 22, 2013

NU12 #5 - #8 (revised) - Kevin Toledo

Ateneo Innovation and Entrepreneurship "New ideas create more and better new products and services; create more wealth."

NU12 #5 - #8 (revised)

NU12 #5. New products / product improvements – Kevin Toledo

Easy to  Mount Grease Trap
Since I can remember that we used a grease trap in our kitchen sink, it has been a pain in the ass to install and remove it every time it needs to be cleaned or when it is full of grease already. It is really difficult to install and remove it, aside from the fact that is too unsanitary where as you unscrew its connecting pipe from the sink pipe, tendency is that some foul smelling liquid with grease would splash out. So I thought of a grease trap that instead of using a traditional screwable pipe, it should just use a hose connector with an easy to plug mechanism . Also, I recommend that instead of using traditional stainless steel  drum grease trap, it should be a plastic container that is transparent or translucent so that grease level inside the container can be easily monitored if full or not to avoid overflow spillage of the foul smelling grease. Also, this grease trap must be designed with handle, so that it could be easily carried (I have not seen a grease trap design with handles). This innovation to a grease trap should help lessen possibility of contact to the foul smelling liquid with grease, thereby lessening as well possibility of getting illness caused by the filthy liquid and of course makes the grease trap installation-removing process easier.

Anti Car Theft: Car Immobilizer Kit
Nowadays, car theft is really rampant. But with the technology we have today, such crimes could easily be prevented, lessened, and the criminals could easily be caught. My concept of an anti-carnapping-anti car theft kit is that a car should be installed with the following devices:
1.       RF (Radio Frequency) ID as tracking device connected to a GPS
2.       Hidden micro camera remotely activated
3.       Remotely activated circuit breaker (acts as mobile number)

The system will work in such a way that whenever a car has been carnapped it could be easily located/tracked using the RF ID via GPS. Its locations can be shared to the police authorities, where synchronized apprehension will take place. First, the car can be stopped via calling the number of the circuit breaker of the car to activate it, then the car will then be automatically put to stop and all doors will be locked. Of course this will happen when the police are already in its strategic locations to apprehend the carnappers. Also, the hidden camera can remotely take pictures as well anytime  by just calling its number since it also acts like a mobile phone and automatically sends the pictures to the owner’s mobile phone / caller. If a car is packed with such security system or just by letting the public know that such anti car theft system is available, I believe the idea of carnapping could be eliminated. People would hesitate to dare do such crime.

NU12 #6. New business ideas – Kevin Toledo

Low Cost Film Equipment Rental
When I was in college, I used to be requested to help in production sets for film projects of my friends. Usually they would ask me to help them in the technical aspects of the set design and in executing the film itself. They were only students and film projects can really be costly especially when it would require some film equipment to be rented for the cameras to achieve certain effects and shots. These equipment usually are dollies w/ tracks, lights, cranes, and mounting devices . In these projects, they would always ask my help to reduce their cost by doing DIYs and improvised equipment that would mimic the capabilities of the rented equipment, such as dollies and some mounting devices. With that experience I thought of conceptualizing an affordable equipment rental services that would mostly cater to students doing film projects, and  to indie film makers who are really budget constraint. The equipment that will be rented out will be fabricated here in the Philippines such that it will be designed to mimic what the original imported equipment do. There would be recycled components as well for every equipment/device to keep the cost low. I haven’t come across a business concept like this, as if there is, we could have resorted to cheap equipment rental similar to this, way back in college – I have checked recently, there is still none.

NU12 #7. Serendipity walk – take a walk along a busy street near you. List down as many business opportunities you can think of. Just list down. – Kevin Toledo

Serendipity Walk at Pablo Ocampo (Vito Cruz, near St. Scholastic’s College)
Vito Cruz is a very busy street where a lot of establishments are located such as fast food restaurants, print shops,  internet cafĂ©’s, laundry shops, grocery, 24-hour convenience store. Most of these establishments cater to the student populations of the schools situated in the area (St. Scholastica’s College & DLSU) and also to the residents/households in the area. But still as I take the serendipity walk, I realized that establishments such as the following that I listed down must also be put-up.

Existing establishments:
- Jollibee
- Ministop (24-hour convenience store)
- Copytrade (photocopying shops)
- Dexact (printshop)
- Computer shops
- Grocery
- fishball/kwek-kwek stand
- Baliwag Lechon Manok
- Barbecue stand
- Milk tea stand
- McDonalds
- Automotive repair shops
- Fruit and vegetable carts

Additional recommendable establishment to be put up in the area:

* Barber Shop / Hair Salon – the nearest is at bench fix Taft which is a bit pricey
Pet Grooming Center - there are a lot of pet owners in our neighborhood but there is no pet grooming center
* Veterinary Clinic – there is even no veterinary center in the area. I believe there should be one.
* Pharmaceutical Drug Store – Drugstore is in the Zobel Roxas area
* Coffee Shop – Coffee shops are located in Taft, there should be a nearby coffee shop to cater to the art students of St. Benilde in Vito Cruz.

NU12 #8. What pisses you off at the mall? What do you suggest? – Kevin Toledo

Open escalators

I have been pissed off how mall developers and owners have been failing to consider enough safety measures in putting up escalators, considering that most mall goers are families with kids, and there have been many cases related to escalator accidents. Personally, I think that there should be some sort of polycarbonate/glass enclosure in the escalator railings to prevent accidents of falling from it. Further, signs of “watch for your head” is not enough in certain escalator placements. It cannot 100% assure that putting such precautions/signs would prevent a certain accident could happen. By putting up these glass/polycarbonate enclosures, it will surely eliminate possibility of a person riding it from getting its neck broken or from falling from it.

Security Checks

I must admit that Security checks at mall entrance pisses me off. The guards are doing it just for the sake of doing it (masabi lang), while some are already harassing. Most especially, it really pisses me off that long queues are made by these time consuming security checks. I suggest that there should be just a scanning device with less human intervention. This scanning equipment would be placed in the mall entrances where people could smoothly pass by. This scanning equipment would already be equipped with detectors that could detect certain shapes pertaining to deadly weapons such as knifes, guns and explosives. With this equipment, long queues could be avoided and it will assure more security than that of the manual security check method.