Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NU12#11 Molina, Jose Paolo -Megaphone in cars

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Megaphone in cars
This is related to the previous idea of standardized car horns. Why not make it a step further and have a megaphone installed in all cars so that the non-verbal communications of cars will become verbal.
Usually only police cars have megaphones because they use it in their police work. For private cars however, I believe that megaphones would also be useful.
Communication between cars is limited to car horns and the problem with that is that as a fellow driver, you are left guessing what the other car wants to do.
I believe that there is a risk involved here so a verbal communication between cars would be good for sending and receiving clear concise messages.
Another use for this is I always notice some people when the drive to their gate, they want their maid or houseboy to open the gate for them. So what they do is they honk their horn for a very long time.
I’m not the one being honked at but I still feel irritated so I thought to myself, what more to the people inside that house who the driver expects to open the gate for them.
A long honk is really irritating that is why if we substitute a megaphone, I guess the stress level would be lower.  One would argue however that this could also be used to irritate more because words can still hurt. But I believe like any other household tool, the key lies in how you use it. 3