Sunday, March 24, 2013

NU-12 (4) MBAH by Sherwinisms on line grocery deliver


Entrepreneurship NU-12 (4/12)
Category: Services
By: sherwinisms

Ever experienced waiting in grocery cashier lines longer than the actual time you spent getting your groceries from thesupermarket counters? It’s one of the greatest wastes of time especially on weekends when most family groceries are done. Time you could have spent more productively with other chores or quality time spent with the family.

Taking on the modern online shopping craze of netizens, local supermarkets may also take their share of this market. Now that more people are using the web for convenience of services already being offered online, this urban market is a sure capture.

Supermarkets could easily create an online shopping store where a person shopping could easily view products offered online and just click on the products he/she likes. An online customer account maybe created by a customer which comes with its own virtual shopping cart where items chosen are saved and equivalent prices computed. A history of previous transactions may also be kept in each persons account for most commonly purchased items for easy browsing and selection on next virtual shopping activity.

A customer also indicates preferred day and time of delivery. A minimal transaction fee maybe charged for the services rendered. Payment can then be made via credit card or via cash-on-delivery.Patient then just waits at home for the groceries ordered while doing otherchores or spending quality time with the family. 3